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GK Questions about Games & Sports

No. Question Answer
1. Which bowler has bowled the maximum balls in a Test Match ? S.Ramadin bowled 774 balls against England in the 1957 Test series
2. When did India play her first official One Day International Match ? Against England on July 13, 1974
3. What is Sunil Gavaskar's highest First Class Cricket Score? 340 run against Bengal in 1981-82
4. Which batsman has hit the maximum centuries in First Class Cricket ? Jeek Hobbs of England 197 centuries
5. Which bowler has the most expensive bowling analysis in a World Cup Match ? M.Snedden of N.Zealand,against England during 1983 world cup : 12-01-105-02
6. Which bowler has the most economical bowling analysis in a World Cup Match ? B.S. Bedi of India, 12-8-6-1 against E.Africa in 1975 World Cup
7. What was Sachin Tendulkar's age in his Test debut for India ? 16 years 201 days
8. Against which bowler did Gavaskar take his 10,000th run in Test cricket ? Ejaz Fakih of Pakistan in the Ahmedabad Test of the 1986-87 series
9. Name the first batsman to hit a triple century in Test cricket ? England's Walter Hammond
10. Name the inventor of snooker Nevil Bowles Chamberlain
11. When and where did Basketball originate ? 1891; Springfield,Massauchusetts
12. In which country did Rugby originate ? England
13. Which martial art was created by the Japanese, Dr.Jigoro Kano? Judo
14. Of which country is baseball a national game? The U.S.A.
15. In which country was the backstroke swimming invented? Egypt
16. Who are the participants of the 'Special Olympic Games'? Mentally retarded children & adults
17. When and where were the first 'Special Olympic Games' held? 1968 in the U.S.A.
18. Who is known as the father of Modern Olympic Games? Barren D'Kobertin
19. Mention the name of the award given to the famous cricketer Sunil Gavaskar by the Indian Government? Padma Bhushan
20. Which athlete is known as the Flying Sikh? Milkha Singh
21. When was Basketball Federation of India established ? 1950
22. In which year P.T. Usha was declared as the best Athlete in World Railway Games ? 1985
23. When was Basket Ball included in olympics? Cycling
24. Who won the Grand Slam in tennis for the first time? Donald Budge
25. With which game is Zafar Iqbal associated? Hockey
26. For which game is the Indira Gold Cup being awarded? Women's Hockey
27. Who is named the wizard of Hockey? Major Dhyan Chand of India
28. Who was the youngest player to make a century in cricket Tests? Mustaq Mohammed of Pakistan
29. What is the full name of Pele,the football player? Edmond Arantos Nessimente De Pele
30. When was Football first included in the Olympics? 1900 Paris Olympics
31. Which is the oldest Football tournment? Durand Cup Tournament
32. Which is the national game of America? Base Ball
33. Who is known as the Chess king? Boby Fisher
34. The Abdul Razak Trophy is awarded in which sports? Chess
35. Mention the name of the International shooter who was also Maharaja of Bikaner? Karni Singh
36. Who is nicknamed as 'Haryana Hurricane'? Kapil Dev
37. Who became the youngest Asian to swim the English Channel? Abhijit Rao of India
38. Who is the first woman in the woman to cross the strart of Gibraltar? Arti Pradhan
39. In which country did Golf originate? Scotland
40. Which award is given to the persons who have excelled in the field of coaching? Dronacharya
41. Which is the National Sport of Japan? Judo
42. Who won the first Himalayan Car Rally? Shekhar Mehta of Kenya
43. Which is the biggest Stadium in the World? Strahow Stadium at prague
44. Which is the oldest game in the world? Polo
45. Which is the country that first played chess? India
46. When did Geet Sethi receive his first professional title? 1991
47. Who was the first boxer to receive Arjuna Award? Buddy De'suza
48. Name the first Indian Chess player who defeated the world champion? Sultan Khan
49. Name the cities which have hosted the Olympic Games twice? Paris,London,Los Angeles
50. With what sport is Madison Square Garden associated? Boxing
51. Which Indian hockey player has scored maximum goals in olympics? Surinder Singh Sodhi 16 goals
52. Which sport is known as Toxophily? Archery
53. Who was the first Indian to score a double century against the West Indies? Dilip Sardesai
54. How many players make a Baseball Team? Nine
55. What are the two types of style adopted in international weightlifting? Snatch & the Clean & Jerk
56. Kapil Dev the Indian Cricketer has written his autobiography. Name the book? By Gods Grace
57. Which famous cricketer retired from cricket after the Reliance Cup? Sunil Gavaskar
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Note: If you want to contribute to this website in any section kindly send us the Content/Links using Contact Us . We surely include the content in our website